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Student comments:

I learned I don't have to be rich to give.

We learned that we can make a difference.

The hands-on factor was really unique .... It really helped me understand how much work is involved in setting up a business.

It's been so rewarding that I'm now considering a career in the non-profit sector.

The experience of doing this project has been a great asset in job interviews.


The 10-10-10 Foundation

The 10-10-10 Foundation has been established to promote and support Social Entrepreneurship among student teams. It has evolved from an innovative course in Entrepreneurial Marketing at Temple University's Fox School of Business called the 10-10-10 Project. 

The projects at Temple have been a great success  ̶— over the past five semesters, 96 student teams have raised over $75,000 in cash donations for a wide variety of charity and community organizations, collected significant in-kind donations, and gotten many businesses and organizations involved with their efforts.

More importantly the students have learned key lessons that are not just academic. They learn about real business situations, risks and benefits of social involvement, as well as life in general —lessons that enhance their ability to be productive employees or entrepreneurs.

The impact of the project is best summed up in the words of the students involved:

"There was no fictional company, fictional product or problem to solve. We had an actual problem that we needed to find objectives and strategies to overcome. In this case, we felt like we were marketers -- and not just students."

And from another:

The 10-10-10 Project has completely changed my outlook on life. Going from someone who didn't care at all, to someone who can’t stop caring enough has been a huge revelation for me.”

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Delivering shoes collected by the 10-10-10 Project Team
Walk in My Shoes
team to children in Kenya