Corporate Responsbility


Giving Back

As corporate citizens, we find it vitally important to give back to the communities we work in and beyond. By supporting non-profit organizations that contribute to a better world, we also do our part to contribute.

The organizations we contribute to have been well known to Ginkgo for many years and make a significant impact by providing hands-on help with full transparency and minimized administration.

Our team takes the lead in the decision process, volunteering and contributing private funds which are matched by Ginkgo to various charities around the globe. If you are interested in learning more about those three organizations, simply click on the logos below.


The registered association Africachild e.V. has been combatting poverty and sickness in Africa since 2001.

We help young mothers who have been disowned, orphaned, shunned or physically abused. These young women fight daily to keep their children alive.


atmosfair is a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide. We rely exclusively on voluntary climate payments from private individuals and businesses.  Aiming to decarbonize the world economy, we designed our software tools and consulting services to assist businesses in executing their climate policies, with a particular focus on business travel.


Since 2008, the Boulzoma microproject is entirely focused on preventing desertification by promoting agricultural self-sufficiency in rural Burkina Faso. Providing basic irrigation and drinking water infrastructure, installing solar panels for local energy production and promoting agro-ecology and reforestation practices are the backbone of this 100% volunteer-driven initiative.

creating smiles

creating smiles was founded in 2007 and welcomes a helping hand or support any time in any shape or form – whether theoretical or practical. Here you can find out more about us, our projects and how to contact us.

Deutsche Krebshilfe

Die Deutsche Krebshilfe unterstützt unter dem Motto „Helfen. Forschen. Informieren.“ Projekte zur Verbesserung der Prävention, Früherkennung, Diagnose, Therapie, medizinischen Nachsorge und psychosozialen Versorgung einschließlich der Krebs-Selbsthilfe.

Moin World

Our goal is to create a developer community where women and girls have the same opportunities to shape our digital future as men have. We do this by empowering women. By teaching them the necessary skills and letting them thrive in a supportive community. Develop your coding skills whether you are a complete beginner or developer in one of our coding school classes or retreats. Get inspired by and for entrepreneurship and updated on the latest technology trends or just meet the community in one of our meetups. We have tons of resources to help you in your career and a network of people that can be your mentors on your way. Get more insights about us on our Instagram


Childhood Dementia (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, or NCL) is a deadly metabolic disease that has barely been researched until now. Affected children lose their eyesight, suffer from epileptic seizures and steadily lose all mental and physical capabilities. Usually they die before the age of 30. We, the NCL Foundation, are dedicated to promoting national and international research in order to give affected children hope that new treatment and healing approaches will be found.

Project Anna

Unser gemeinnütziger Verein hat sich seit seiner Gründung 2004 zum Ziel gesetzt, die Lebensbedingungen von Heim-/Waisenkindern und sonstiger bedürftiger Kinder, Jugendlicher und Heranwachsender in Kaliningrad und im Kaliningrader Gebiet zu verbessern und deren Ausbildung zu fördern. Darüber hinaus sollen mit den Geldspenden die Heime mit allem Notwendigen ausgestattet werden. Der Bedarf reicht von Möbeln über Kleidung, Spielgerät und Schulmaterial bis hin zu baulichen Verbesserungen.Der nachstehende Link öffnet den aktuellen Freistellungsbescheid zur Körperschaftssteuer und Gewerbesteuer vom Finanzamt München. Er belegt die Gemeinnützigkeit von projekt Anna nach § 52 der Abgabenordnung (AO). 

The Gambia Academy

The Gambia Academy is exclusively dedicated to the social and economic development of the country, utilising culture as the gateway for educating, implementing and empowering Gambians to be the agents of social change from the ground-level upwards. 


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