Management Team

Kirsten Buffo de Jong

Kirsten is working for more than 25 years in various Management Advisory roles around the globe. 5 years prior to joining Ginkgo she was a global Senior Director leading SIAM and Digital Vendor Management at TPI / ISG and working 14 years on the IT Provider side as one of the few Strategists and Change Agents at HP and EDS. She holds a master’s degree in Marketing & Merchandising from UCLA. Kirsten turns digital into action by creating awareness, designing digital strategies and the corresponding digitized journeys for our clients. She develops new collaboration and business operating models throughout industries by assessing, designing and transforming processes and organizations into digital leaders. One of Kirsten’s focus areas is digital sourcing, where she supports clients to establish a supplier and contract management in a multi-provider eco system. Kirsten lives in Zug and Barcelona. She is married and has a family with a hand full of children. Kirsten enjoys Skiing, hiking and watersports as well as travelling around the globe.

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