Client Services



As an international consultancy, we support our clients in taking on a broad spectrum of challenges. Our fields of activity range from developing concepts for integrated IT strategies to establishing effective IT governance structures to managing and implementing complex restructuring measures. We accompany our clients across the most varied project and program phases, enabling a continuity of responsibility and end-to-end visibility in a range of topics.

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As great as the diversity is across our clients’ industries with their specific topics and issues – in fact, many of the challenges facing modern IT organisations occur across industries and globally. Ginkgo Management Consulting follows the approach of deploying proven best practice concepts in individual customer solutions to enable an efficient and risk-optimised approach. This allows us – and our clients – to address industry-specific opportunities and risks and deal with emerging issues in good time.

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Projects and References

Since founding Ginkgo Management Consulting, we have successfully carried out a vast number of complex and challenging activities together with our clients. At this juncture we would like to present a brief introduction to our project experience and the solutions developed. We would be happy to provide other industry-specific or solution-specific references upon request.

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Publications and Cases

Our publications demonstrate the Ginkgo understanding of current topics of strategic significance for our clients. Selected case studies in turn enable deeper insights into our approaches for problem situations, insights that we are convinced have potential across clients and industries. Applying the insights from our publications in our day-to-day consulting engagements strengthens the relationships of trust we have built up with our clients over many years and helps us develop efficient solutions.

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Our clients operate in a wide variety of industries – and yet they have one common ambition: to be one of the best providers in their sector. We support them with our integrated approaches that enable our clients not only to address their current challenges, but also to master tomorrow’s issues and trends.

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