Crisis Management Service Offerings

The outbreak of COVID-19 impacts companies across all industries with significant consequences



Supply Chain


Sales & Finance

Talk to us about taking medium- and long-term steps to first get your business from crisis mode to stable operations and then to become a front-runner. Our years of experience in optimizing global companies  allows us to develop solutions for you.

Remote Expert Collaboration

Remote working approaches have been on the rise for some time now.  Minimizing the need to be on site and enabling expert technical advice remotely provide a sound business case, increase employee flexibility and motivation as well as safeguarding business continuity. Therefore, lean and pragmatic innovations in this area will help your company through these challenging times and will also prove beneficial afterwards.


Project Portfolio Impact Assessment

In these times, companies deal with manifold challenges. Not legally required projects or such that directly support business critical operations are stopped in order to ensure financial liquidity. Looking towards the crisis end, these actions may set back a company by months or years. Hence, it seems some organizations have not considered all variables of the equation, such as up- & downscaling costs, second-line effects, and interdependencies to portfolios, suppliers, or resources. Ignoring such deciding factors might not only outperform cost and liquidity saving measures, leading to greater harm than necessary, but also missed opportunities as soon as the crisis is coming to an end.


Adaptive Supply Chain

The COVID-19 crisis is leading to disruptive events and sudden demand surges and has revealed the weaknesses of supply chains worldwide.
These weaknesses are not caused by the crisis itself but are a result of vulnerabilities in the supply chain caused by a lack of adaptability and resilience.
Companies can eliminate these weak spots by building capabilities allowing data and simulation based decision making, and implementing a dedicated supply chain cockpit enabling E2E transparency. These allow to immediately react to changing consumer behavior and critical events in order to stabilize the supply chain and safeguard the business – in times of crisis and beyond.


Secure Digital Collaboration

More digital cooperation not only reduces the risks of infections, but it means more cybersecurity risks too.

The corona crisis has given digital collaboration a whole new dynamic. Cooperation beyond the secure boundaries of corporate structures brings with it completely new challenges with regard to IT security and data protection. We support you with all questions about IT security and data protection.


Crisis Communication

Individual communication concept:
Through the communication concept, the individual measures for crisis communication are identified and combined in a targeted bundle.

The design of the communication concept includes:

  1. Analysis of the communication target groups
  2. Consolidation and evaluation of the specific needs of the target groups
  3. Design of crises Communication measures according to the target groups and their individual needs
  4. Development of an operational and concrete communication plan for effective crisis communication


Crisis Readiness Assessment – Analysing the status quo and developing a way forward

The COVID 19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in recent history affecting businesses worldwide. As regions around the world are at different phases of the pandemic, different measures must be taken for businesses to survive the crisis.
Ginkgo’s goal is to provide executives from different industries with a tool to assess the wholistic status quo within their company when facing COVID-19 and its widely spread impact. This why Ginkgo has developed the “Crisis Readiness Assessment”. The assessment aims at identifying our client’s most imminent challenges regarding each crisis phase and breaks them down into manageable tasks. Categorizing their company’s key concerns and identifying the adequate response actions, will help their businesses to prevail and stay strong during the crisis and help to accelerate the recovery once the crisis is over.


The Future Organization

In today‘s challenging situation, many organizations start rethinking the ways they are set up and are looking for new ways to evaluate and improve their readiness for the future. In order to facilitate this ambitious yet so important effort, Ginkgo has developed a model which helps analyzing the organization‘s current state and defining the actions to increase organizational performance.

Ginkgo’s organizational maturity model provides a structured approach to defining the status quo of organizational performance and reveals the most reasonable areas of improvement. The Future Organization Package includes:

  1. Structured analysis of organization’s dimensions contributing to performance based on Gingko’s Maturity Model
  2. Incorporation of all relevant stakeholders through workshops and feedbacks
  3. Evaluation and visualization of results
  4. Definition of most promising improvement areas based on interdependencies derived from the model
  5. Design of a lean and focused change approach to tackle the defined improvement areas
  6. Implementation of improvements for noticeable and measurable results


Business Continuity Review & Crisis Management

Ginkgo’s holistic project approach covers risk analysis and definition of immediate and mid-term response measures within a compact 5 week time frame​ to help prepare for and address different crisis impact scenarios.

We are leveraging proven frameworks and templates from years of experience in implementing Business Continuity Plans and defining crisis response measures for business and technology functions of global organizations ​

Our approach ensures the right balance of latitude and depth in Business Continuity to cover all critical business functions and major risks while keeping it simple and easy to execute​.


Corona Erstberatung Für Die Gastronomie

Unsere Corona-Erstberatung wird für Sie von Experten aus dem Finanzsektor und Gastro-gewerbe durchgeführt. Sie beinhaltet für Sie die

– Identifizierung und Analyse aller möglichen Optionen für staatliche Hilfen und Förderungen
– Eine detaillierte Analyse Ihrer finanziellen Situation und Handlungsspielräume
– Eine bewertung Ihres Geschäftsmodells inkl. Identifizierung von Anpassungsmöglichkeiten in Serviceangebot, Arbeitsabläufen und Getränke-/Speisekarte

Basierend auf den Befunden erstellen wir für Sie einen Katalog mit Maßnahmen, Empfehlungen und Szenarien für den Weg aus der Krise.


Smart Magic Sourcing Quadrant As A Cornerstone To Accelerate Economic Recovery

Stopping projects, laying-off external workforce, termination of contracts – Cash conservation and keeping the lights on is the number one priority for most companies in times of Covid-19.

This abrupt turn in corporate behavior is crucial to ensure business continuity. But this situation also offers the unique opportunity to emerge from the crisis with a tailored sourcing approach accelerating the economic recovery within your organization.

the Magic Sourcing Quadrant of our Strategic Sourcing & Realization portfolio is Ginkgo’s answer paving the way for reduced costs and complexity, improved overall operational excellence and service quality, as well as to jump start the modernization of your managed IT-services.

Leveraging the current crisis, we would be eager to help your organization get the best service for every dollar spent!


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