“The World Economic Forum has called out digitalization to be the 4th industrial revolution where the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres are getting blurred and industries and business models are disrupted. As every company is affected by these digital disruptions and has to align its business model accordingly, Ginkgo Management Consulting established a “GETTING DIGITAL DONE” service offering.”


Lars Godzik

Founding Partner

Digitalization Dimensions at Ginkgo

Staying on top of digital is essential and one of our methods to create success for our customers.


We believe in opportunities and the enormous potential of digitalization


We strive to identify all opportunities to leverage technology and new digital capabilities to create value for our clients


We see ourselves as partners in transforming business together with our clients as a team rather than being a simple service provider

Title Address Description
Autonomous Driving
Portland, OR, USA

Technical architecture development for global OEM

Digital Processes
São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Service strategy development – Digital technologies for IT automation in production

PDM & Digital Twins
Aarhus, Denmark

Concept development and realization of E2E PDM system and Digital Twins for OEM

Pretoria, South Africa

Defining a new IT-governance model enabling multi-channel innovation in sales for automotive OEM

Digital Transformation
Augsburg, Germany

Digital transformation from manufacturer to information service provider for robotics OEM

Mobile First UX
Beijing, China

Development of new DMS frontend focusing on mobile first for sales & dealer network of automotive OEM

Mobile First Dealer Management System
Beijing, China

Development of new DMS frontend focusing on mobile first for sales & dealer network of automotive OEM

Global Big Data Solution
Stuttgart, Germany

Strategy for a cloud based global Big Data solution for a multinational automobile manufacturer

AI Eco-System

Development of advanced infrastructure Eco-System: AI, ML and automation for large scale IT operations

Digital Factory
Tokyo, Japan

Program management for digital factory for OEM

Data Center Innovation
Hong Kong

Program management for digital factory for OEM

IT Service Transition
Melbourne VIC, Australia

Concept and program management to implement innovative digital services for a mining company

Service Automation
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Development of automated digital features to increase quality for service provider company

Post Merger Integration
Big Data Analytics
Atlanta, GA, USA

Ginkgo Analytics

Since today’s business challenges are increasingly data driven, we established Ginkgo Analytics as a specialized company to focus on Data Analytics, Big Data solutions and Artificial Intelligence, strengthening our capabilities and methods in this field.

Ginkgo Cybersecurity

Ginkgo Management Consulting is Getting Digital Done. We believe that sustainable added value in the field of digitalization can only work in the future if cybersecurity receives the necessary attention. That is why we founded Ginkgo Cybersecurity. Together we will get digital done, but securely. Ginkgo Cybersecurity builds on many years of experience in cybersecurity and consulting. Our new team has all the necessary technical knowledge to make secure digitalization happen. Like Ginkgo Analytics, our AI, and data science subsidiary, we work independently, but closely connected to the Ginkgo Management Consulting teams.

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