Ginkgo Management Consulting Adds Cybersecurity to Portfolio

Ginkgo Management Consulting has been working side-by-side with Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies for the past 14 years, earning numerous awards and recognitions. Ginkgo Analytics was founded with the focus on Data Analytics, Big Data, and AI solutions enhancing data-driven capabilities. Security is a top priority for IoT, Connectivity, and Digital Value Chains and with the establishment of Ginkgo Cybersecurity, Ginkgo is taking the next step to complete the Digital Service Offering.

Paul Arndt will lead this unit and is bringing with him more than 10 years of experience as a consultant and cyberse- curity expert. Having worked with global leaders such as ABB, Bosch, TÜV Süd he and his team of experts perform assessments, develop architectures, conduct tests and define required strategies and governance structures for pow- erful security matching today’s requirements.

„Despite all the uncertainty today, one thing is certain: In an increasingly digitized world, Cybersecurity will be one of the key essential requirements. Without Cybersecurity digital solutions will not be successful. Therefore, I am pleased to head Ginkgo Cybersecurity to support our clients to manage not only Cybersecurity but also topics such as Data Privacy with innovative concepts and solutions“ says Paul Arndt.

“By establishing Ginkgo Cybersecurity we are adding an essential component to enable digital transformation. Man- agement Consulting, Analytics and now Cybersecurity constitutes an attractive integrated service portfolio for Digital- ization to our clients” affirms Lars Godzik, Founding partner of Ginkgo