Q4 Newsletter


Ginkgo Newsletter Q4 2022

Dear Alumna/ dear Alumnus,

we are enjoying amazing times at Ginkgo and keep growing continuously. Hence, we would like to keep you informed about our development and activities with this new issue of our newsletter. We are glad you enjoyed our last update, thank you for your great feedback!

In this last quarter of 2022, we give you an update on our stunning company offsite in Tulum, Mexico where we held our strategy workshop. The strategy for 2023 revealed five hypotheses that we will jointly put into action, stay tuned! Moreover, we also give you three project highlights from our Ginkgo practices. Last but not least, we are currently finalizing our planning to safeguard a smooth business start in 2023.

As last time, feel free to contact us and send us feedback – just drop us a line at [email protected]. Now sit back and find out what your former colleagues are up to, maybe you’ll see some new faces too!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and start into 2023 with your loved ones.

All the best,

Thomas Rühle

Eraneos Group Quantum Lab

We are proud to announce that our sister company Ginkgo Analytics launched the Eraneos initiative Quantum Lab. Quantum Computing capabilities are available right now and allow targeting specific problems that are not approachable with traditional computing. Examples are finding optimal solutions (e.g. logistics routings or portfolio management) or simulation of complex processes (e.g. material simulation) – learn more about it here. Ginkgo Analytics has expanded its portfolio offering with quantum machine learning services ranging from quantum computing introduction and awareness sessions to quantum computing operations. Quantum Lab is an Eraneos group-wide initiative with Quantum Ambassadors in all sister companies. We are also closely partnering with Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) and the Hamburg-based Quantum computing Initiative “Quantum Innovation Capital Hamburg” (QUIC).

First Eraneos Group Service Offering

The outstanding value of data for the competitiveness of companies is represented at Ginkgo by the Competence Area Data Business & Ecosystems (CA DBE).

To bring the competencies that are proven many times with customers to the Eraneos Group, CA DBE is creating a Group Service Offering by the end of 2022 which will serve as a knowledge multiplier and common starting point for a group-wide Data Business Initiative 2023 and onwards.

The focus of this service offering is primarily on the future topics of “monetization of data”, “data regulations” and “data ecosystems”. It offers guidance to customers on their way to becoming a data-driven company, helps them identifying what to focus on during the journey and shows them how to get there.

Project Highlight

Employee Experience

What does a forecasted multimillion labor shortage in Germany have to do with digitalization efforts of our clients? Large corporations increasingly compete with small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups for the best talent in the market. Additionally, employees measure the digital application landscapes of companies in comparison to commercial ones they use. This turns IT departments from HR-support to digital business enablers. One large corporation reached out to Ginkgo to develop a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) concept and strategy. Within three months’ time, Ginkgo developed a DEX framework to raise awareness within the IT and HR departments. Standardized tools and methods were suggested that ensure efficient actions towards the employee and accelerate DEX from ideation to products. Additionally, an approach was defined to make the impact of DEX measurable.

Anke Süß

Constantin von Aderkas

Benchmark to Prototype

Ginkgo won a new client in the industrial business. Within the first project, we helped the client with a frontend assessment, uncovering the dead ends, pain points and unsatisfying aspects of the customer journey. We analyzed best practices across the industry, talked to customers and sales representatives, and benchmarked the main competitors to get a holistic view of the current client’s situation. Based on these findings, a long list of improvement measures was deducted and prioritized. The first inspirational wireframes of a new search showed the client how measures might look like in the feature.

The journey now continues with the next project focusing on conceptualizing and implementing the top measures with the overall target to improve the customer journey, ultimately leading to more sales.

Hauke Fricke

Daniel Scheck

Simon Ohrtmann

Publication of the Quarter

Best of Consulting

Ginkgo has developed a business model with Porsche that aims to share data with third-party providers. The goal was to establish a holistic solution for data monetization that addresses the public sector as well as large companies and start-ups that offer services to end customers. The implemented business model enables the external monetization of data. From concept over initial sales to the conditional platform, a team from Porsche and Ginkgo worked closely together.

For the outstanding results, Ginkgo received the “Best of Consulting” award for the sixth time from WirtschaftsWoche.

Jakob Staake

Mega Trends

Which trends will have an impact on you and your business in the upcoming ten years? Ginkgo has analyzed nine megatrends that will shape our world within the next decade. Have a look at current major developments and their implications for business.

Tulum – Ginkgo Offsite

Our Ginkgo Offsite 2022 was a blast once again! This year, more than 150 colleagues from all over the world met in beautiful Tulum, Mexico to define our strategy for the next years to come. It was great meeting some of the colleagues for the first time! The team activities like scuba diving, biking, a food tour and a trip to the beautiful Mayan Coba Ruins gave us some insights to the local culture.

Tulum was an outstanding team experience with many unforgettable moments. We can’t wait to see all Ginkgos again for next year’s offsite!

Recruiting Night

Our first-ever Recruiting Night on November 2, 2022 was a huge success. Participants received inspiring project insights from Marcus Müller, Lucas Dieckmann, Alina Nizamutdinova and Tom Beckmann. It was great to get to know all the potential new Ginkgos. As this event was so successful, we will host a second Recruiting Night in February 2023.

If you know someone who should participate in this event, then feel free to spread the word! Potential new Ginkgos will receive more info about the recruiting event by sending an email to [email protected]

What Comes Next?

First Digital Strategy Roundtable Singapore

On February 9,2023, we’ll conduct our first-ever digital round table event in Singapore. We’ll focus on a small group of senior participants who will enjoy an evening with inspiring discussions and networking, supported by the introduction of an innovative theme.

Our keynote speaker for this first event will be Ian Dyason from Growth Consulting Asia. Ian and his team have developed the first-ever assessment of an individual’s growth mindset.

The challenges leaders face have never been as disruptive, broad and disorienting as today. They range from digital transformation, health upheaval and war to social and environmental change. The world and its organizations urgently require strong transformational leadership.

Applying a growth mindset in certain situations is one of the most important characteristics of transformational leaders.

In an interactive session, participants will…

  • …learn about the five dimensions of the Growth Mindset
  • …receive and understand their very own Growth Mindset profile
  • …get insights on how to become a more effective leader
  • …discuss how transformational leaders shape our future


We hope you enjoyed our Alumni newsletter and appreciate your feedback. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to reach out to us via [email protected].

Are there any fairs or events we should be aware? Just let us know! Would be great to meet you there.

We wish you a successful start into 2023.

Best wishes from Ginkgo