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As an international consultancy, we support our clients in taking on a broad spectrum of challenges. Our fields of activity range from developing concepts for integrated IT strategies to establishing effective IT governance structures to managing and implementing complex restructuring measures. We accompany our clients across the most varied project and program phases, enabling continuity of responsibility and end-to-end visibility in every transformation. By doing so, we inspire complex change, enable organizations to grow, build competitive advantage and drive bottom-line impact.


Digital Strategy

Today, business and technology are inseparably combined. Companies’ success depends not only on the proper definition of the corporate business strategy, but also the correct translation into IT strategy. IT’s share of contribution to business value creation is greater than ever. Keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape can be problematic for even the most tech-savvy clients. Companies are challenged to enable new business models by driving the enterprise digital transformation and deploying innovative solutions. The fine-tuned interplay between Business and IT is becoming an important differentiator from competitors and is leveraged by distinct and comprehensive Digital Strategies. Ginkgo helps from definition to implementation, thus laying the foundation for company success in both the present and future.

Digital Assessments

Efficient and effective change demands an understanding of the present state and its deficiencies. Based on the Digital Readiness Assessment, Ginkgo has developed a range of assessments that are conducted jointly with our clients and tailored to their needs to define a clear starting point and structured approach to measuring progress.
Our analysis allows us to assess the current maturity level of a company’s strategy, technology, people and culture, customers, products and services as well as processes, governance, and organization along the Digital Journey. Additionally, Ginkgo offers special focus assessments that cover topics such as Growth, Crisis Readiness, Security, and more.

Leadership, Organization and Change

As the urge for change and transformation is projected to reach unprecedented levels, companies and organizations must adapt to changes in the market faster and more client-oriented than ever before. To achieve that, digital transformation especially requires a sustained and holistic view on employees, organizational design, and leadership to achieve the desired targets. Ginkgo Management Consulting offers comprehensive expertise in organizational development, design and transformation to supports its clients to develop and implement the best organizational strategies to become the company they want to be.

Data Business & Ecosystems

We understand data business and why it matters. We engage with our clients to support their journey to a data-driven enterprise and to entering new business models.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Modern economic success depends largely on recognizing data as the most valuable asset. Data lays the foundation for key enablers such as the internet of things, fully autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Code and data enable businesses to build analytical prediction and machine-learning models, subsequently integrating them as vital elements in the value chain and developing towards automated decision making and fully integrated AI. Ginkgo holistically supports the transition including cultural, organizational, processual and technical aspects.

Digital Product & Innovation Management

In a time of digitalization and globalization, our clients are motivated to scale established corporate strategies up and move into the direction of conducting disruptive changes within their existing business models. At Ginkgo, we use various tools and methodologies in the area of innovation management to help our clients grow into new territory across the ideation, design, and prototyping of new products and respective customer journeys.

Digital Enablers

Digital Enablers are methodologies or technologies that are the foundation for digitization and are thus the prerequisite for realizing digital use cases. Therefore, Ginkgo puts a specific focus on mastering these digital value drivers.

Apart from others, we constantly evaluate the evolution of enablers like digital twins, IoT Asset digitization, cloud infrastructures, and 5G. Our knowledge becomes tangible in the different associated products we create like use case portfolios, simulation tools, discovery workshops, and accelerator programs.


Cybersecurity attacks against all types of digital systems are not only possible, but they also occur perpetually and over the entire lifecycle of all systems. Attacks on any given system are not only possible, but rather inevitable. Sooner or later, every system will be attacked. More importantly, is the system designed to withstand the attacks?

Ginkgo helps with risk assessments to identify and rate the potential risks. For the risk mitigations, we offer a broad consulting portfolio and experienced support in the implementation of risk reduction countermeasures.

New Operating Model & Architecture

Today, consumers expect faster time-to-market and have higher expectations, which can only be achieved via more flexible organizations and architectures. The general answer is to go Agile. However, today, many enterprises only have siloed IT flagship Scrum projects which lack scale and integration within the wider company. Helping customers to identify and implement a suitable Agile Enterprise Framework allows Ginkgo to close this gap in the market. Moreover, the development of new technologies and a general increase of the complexity of an IT landscape have increased the demand for enterprise architecture services that support project architects fulfilling their work and increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and harmonization of an organization overall. With a wide number of enterprise architecture services, we support not only in the areas of business capabilities, application, data, and technology landscapes, but also in the development of the corresponding governance, processes, roles and responsibilities, tools, and individual use cases.

Strategic Sourcing & Realization

In an increasingly competitive and technological environment, investing in supplier relationships and sourcing management has become more important than ever. We believe that strategic sourcing should be a collaborative and transparent process, which enables an organization to align purchasing power with its overall value proposition. When it comes to sourcing, Ginkgo’s objective is to support our clients‘ executive level in not only defining, but realizing a sustainable, best-fit-sourcing approach. Hence we are offering a comprehensive Strategic Sourcing & Realization advisory portfolio for times of digitalization, especially focused on the needs of IT-departments, backed by Ginkgo’s DNA.

Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are deeply strategic events that decidedly shape a company`s success for better or worse. Therefore, we recommend a structured approach to M&A encompassing all phases of the M&A lifecycle – from strategy formulation to post-transformation audits and separations – as well as a distinct methodology to PMI which is highly customizable for the largely varying requirements of different PMI projects.

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