Digital Production & Innovation Management


Most companies and industries must consider disruptive technologies as part of their product development and the digitization of their processes along the customer journey. To develop new digital business models, digitize existing products, and optimize customer-centric processes along the customer journey, Ginkgo supports and prepares our customers with state-of-the-art methods, tools, and best practices.

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Digital Product & Innovation Management

In a time of digitalization and globalization, our clients are motivated to scale established corporate strategies up and move into the direction of conducting disruptive changes within their existing business models. At Ginkgo, we use various tools and methodologies in the area of innovation management to help our clients grow into new territory across the ideation, design, and prototyping of new products and respective customer journeys.

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Innovation Management and CRM Implementation

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Within the first project phase, Ginkgo has been requested to conduct an Innovation and Capability/Scoping Workshop to focus the digitization roadmap on customer interaction management and the digitization of the sales process. In the initial phase of the project, customer interaction and CRM capability strategy were developed. Subsequently, digitization potentials were identified in the process of customer journey analysis. On this basis, it was then decided to introduce a CRM system. Ginkgo managed the vendor selection and successfully conducted negotiations with the software provider and system integrator. After successful vendor selection, Ginkgo also took over the overall project management for the implementation of the new CRM system.


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