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At Ginkgo, we not only help our clients choose the agile operating model that best fits their organization, but also support the implementation. Moreover, our deep knowledge of business capabilities, applications, data, and technology landscapes enables us to provide a wide range of enterprise architecture services.

Marcus Müller

Founding Partner


New Operating Model & Architecture

It is absolutely essential to continuously monitor and realign a company’s organisation in its dynamic environment. Changes in business processes result in adjustments in both specific departments and the IT department. It is important that the changes be aligned to the company strategy and actively accompanied by change management. Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in restructuring by analysing the existing and future tasks, defining and assessing restructuring measures and transferring them into executable planning. In addition, Ginkgo Management Consulting accompanies its clients during restructuring, enabling early identification and fixing complications that may occur during implementation.

Selected References


Restructuring of IT organisation

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A successful pharmaceutical firm had radically revised its strategic direction, developing from a historically grown conglomeration of individual regional companies into a global corporation with distinct business units. Information technology was confronted with this fundamental change and compelled to adjust.

Ginkgo Management Consulting was asked to develop a concept for a new operating and governance model. Based on an assessment phase, a new organization was developed with a specific focus on the alignment between business and IT and project portfolio governance.

The implementation took less than 10 weeks and was revisited after six months. One main result was a high degree of business satisfaction with IT. The client considered this the most successful outcome of the project.


Development of concept and realisation of IT shared services centre for APAC region

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Ginkgo Management Consulting conceptualised the IT shared services centre for the APAC region of a leading automotive manufacturing company, supporting the initial set-up as well as the service transition from more than 20 legal entities in Asia Pacific. The main value drivers of the concept were standardisation, centralisation and modernisation of IT services.

While significantly improving and professionalizing service quality, the financial benefit case achieved was substantial. One key success factor was the successful establishment of an IT service delivery model that integrated outsourcing, out-tasking and in-house service delivery.


Re-organisation of an IT division in a PMI context in the oil and gas industry

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In the context of a Post-Merger-Integration Program (the client had acquired a formerly state owned Oil & Gas company) multiple projects were set for execution also in the IT Division. Besides quick win aspects and process harmonization efforts between the old and new entities we were asked how to organizationally harmonize and synergize the IT organizations of the merged companies.

Top level criteria for a re-organization was aligned with management (synergies of new available locations, IT service and process quality, process criticality, etc.) and an in depth qualitative and quantitative process and resource assessment was done. A standard catalogue of IT services, processes and roles was set as basis to compare assessment results. Top down a target IT organization was drafted and all assessed IT activities were sorted into it.

As a result the new organization was formed with a new distribution of activities between locations. This formed a template and baseline for implementation in which a re-structuring and knowledge transfer program was launched and executed successfully.


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