Employee Statements

  • Sebastian Suelmann

    „For me it’s the great company culture and the diversity of  exciting international projects, making Ginkgo unique in the Consulting business!“
  • Sebastian Zielis

    „As a lateral entrant to consulting with an ‘exotic’ educational background, I profited tremendously from working together with experienced colleagues and partners on the customer's premises – from day one.“
  • Christian Rose

    “After twelve years in different management consultancies, to me Ginkgo is an entrepreneurial and performance-oriented boutique consultancy with a real international focus and a truly cultivated, relaxed atmosphere – despite all professionalism.“  
  • GINKGO_6_11_15-_TIBO_NOEL_0342_320x320

    Tibo Noel

    „Ginkgo offers me lean internal processes, direct feedback channels from more experienced colleagues and international client exposure.“
  • GINKGO_6_11_15-_TIBO_NOEL_0342_320x320

    Tibo Noel

    „I particularly enjoy the bigger picture thinking which characterizes most projects at Ginkgo. Through recent project engagements, I developed deep insight into some of the lesser-known aspects of IT – from business relationship models to IT value measurement concepts.“
  • Sebastian Suelmann

    „Right after I started at Ginkgo I was able to experience the special appeal of this boutique consultancy with projects in Japan and China: international orientation, exciting jobs, great colleagues!“
  • Lucy_320x320

    Lucy Wu

    „There is a great connection amongst all Ginkgo offices that makes my day-to-day work truly international.“
  • Cem Kilinc

    “Working at Ginkgo means individual commitment to a group effort, where you enjoy a cooperative working atmosphere and great colleagues that respect a healthy work-life balance.”
  • Sebastian Zielis

    „It doesn’t matter whether I’m junior or senior – as a Ginkgo employee I have the possibility at any time to actively shape the future of the company, from expanding the knowledge base to further developing the company strategy.“
  • GINKGO_6_11_15-_ANDREAS_SCHNELLER_0612_320x320Andreas Schneller

    “Entrepreneurial thinking and action is deeply rooted in Ginkgo and is the basis of our success! Flat hierarchies and open communication – both internal and external are a matter of course for us!”
  • Steffen Maas

    „Shaping Ginkgo as a company is fun due to the flat hierarchies and direct communication lines. Ginkgo is very flexible and dynamic as we always have to think one step ahead."
  • Steffen Maas

    „Why Ginkgo? Ginkgo means hand-picked staff - a big family where everybody fits into the team. Very personal but professional work environment..”
  • GINKGO_6_11_15-_ANDREAS_SCHNELLER_0612_320x320Andreas Schneller

    “If you are gifted with real talent – why would you choose to be just a number at a big consultancy group? At Ginkgo you are able to unleash your full potential by consulting DAX- and S&P 500 listed companies in a familiar environment.”
  • Christian Rose

    “I find it highly motivating and rewarding to work with thoroughly likeable colleagues and at a place where I can still carry out IT strategy projects including their implementation for global players. Worldwide! - with the flexibility and exclusivity of a boutique consulting firm.”

Why Ginkgo

How we work

How we work

Our consultants work in close collaboration with our clients – internationally and on site. As a management consultancy, we support our clients throughout various project phases on longer-term engagements. Thus, we recognize that excellence is best achieved in a satisfying setting and we offer you a balanced work environment and regular company events.

How you develop

How you develop

At Ginkgo, we work in small teams with flat hierarchies. From day one you will be exposed to the client’s senior management and will take on responsibility. We believe that your development will benefit most from daily work on projects and being surrounded by bright people. However, just as important, we invest in training to grow our knowledge and expertise.

How we advance

How we advance

We are entrepreneurs – always eager to move forward. Working at Ginkgo demands full dedication to the client. We encourage you to show the same passion when it comes to actively determining Ginkgo’s future. Each of us embraces the possibility and accepts the responsibility of shaping Ginkgo’s strategy and market position.

What we are looking for

Each of us has his or her own very unique personality and our backgrounds can differ strongly.
We greatly appreciate this diversity and believe that it enriches our company and our corporate culture.

In candidates we look for certain traits that all our consultants share and which make you succeed at Ginkgo.
Based on these criteria we ‘hand-pick’ each potential new colleague.

Internal Motivation

We are a relatively small firm and so are the teams we typically work in. Thus, we are seeking candidates who drive consulting with passion and embrace new challenges. To succeed, high motivation, flexibility, and an entrepreneurial can-do attitude are crucial.


As we work in complex project environments, often on exposed positions with the client’s senior management, we look for candidates with a strong record of work experience in (management) consulting. However, we make exceptions for outstanding graduates.


Ginkgo relies on strong working relationships with the client and amongst its consultants. We seek candidates who are truly passionate about their engagement and are committed to delivering best-in class solutions – both externally and internally.

How to Join

Ginkgo is continuously looking for bright and motivated people to join us working in a demanding
and entrepreneurial environment.  If you are confident that you have what it needs to join our company, we
encourage you to apply.


Initiate your application

Please, visit our open positions listing below to get in touch with our Human Resources Manager Anne Friedericke Nilsson. We will look through your application very carefully and check whether your profile meets our high standards.


Telephone/Skype interview

Congratulations, you took the first hurdle successfully. Your application made a positive first impression with us and we have arranged a telephone or skype interview with you. During this call we seek to find out more about your fundamental motivation to work with us and expectations of your new career. At the end, we let you know right away whether we would like to invite you to our on-site interview.


On-site interview

On the day of the face-to-face interviews, we first and foremost want to get to know you a little better and you will have the opportunity to find out who we are. During these 1-on-1 interviews with our partners & senior staff we also want to get an idea about your analytical strengths by running case studies and brain teasers. If possible, we would like to give you the opportunity to get in touch with more colleagues and have a few personal conversations over a joint lunch. Ideally, you and we are successful – in any case, we will provide you with detailed feedback and let you know about our decision within 1 business week.

Currently open positions

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Human Resources Manager

Ginkgo provides the opportunity to make a difference and thus, finding the best people to support our team in pursuing this aim is of prime importance to me. We show appreciation for each and every candidate and it is my personal objective to provide the best possible recruiting support.


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