The automotive sector is marked by constant change. Technical innovations, changes in the market, and customers’ evolving mobility requirements necessitate adjustments along the entire value chain. These transformations go along with an increasing complexity due to a growing proliferation of variants, increasing operating cost, and increased risks in establishing a presence in new business areas and niches.

For more than 15 years Ginkgo Management Consulting has been supporting leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers with global expertise in a range of business areas. The topics range from conceptual design and the consolidation of business and IT strategies to the efficient management of implementation and rollout projects.


Financial Services and Banking

The financial services industry is confronted with a number of challenges – not just since the most recent financial and economic crises. Changing customer requirements and behaviours, innovative technologies and increasing regulatory requirements call for flexible business models. The economically uncertain situation with lower revenue and profits goes hand in hand with increasing competition in the payment and credit sectors.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in developing IT strategies with a long-term orientation enabling flexibility, security and excellence in operational execution. Technology-based innovations, new service offerings and optimising the core processes of financial services providers are key offerings.



Companies are confronted with the challenges of continuing to develop lean and flexible production networks and adopting technical innovations. Optimising quality and productivity necessitates adjustments in production planning and product design and a highly automated supplier integration. Besides these challenges, the current ‘digital transformation’ trend with innovative production approaches generates an opportunity for efficiency gains and new manufacturing models.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in developing business and IT strategies to optimise the efficiency and flexibility of worldwide production networks. We identify improvement potential and drive forward concepts such as mass customization and help create the technical prerequisites, for instance platform integrations or self-regulating systems.


Mining and Exploration

A sharp rise in demand for resources and raw materials as well as the pressure on prices and margins has drastically intensified for several reasons: declining growth in highly developed countries, more moderate growth rates in China and tense situations in countries such as Russia and Brazil. Further consolidations, carve-outs, M&A activities and stricter environmental regulations will exert enormous influence on the workings of the market.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in developing and implementing IT strategies, the further digitalisation of business processes and the consistent integration of value creation processes. Both in post-merger integrations (PMI) and when consolidating process and IT landscapes, Ginkgo identifies fields of action and optimisation potential in close collaboration with the client and operationalizes the necessary change projects.


Life Science

The life sciences industry is marked by a strong pressure to change, arising through demographic change, technical innovations and globally shifting customer needs. High research and development costs, the forfeiture of existing patents, increasing regulatory provisions and rising price pressure lead to continued high M&A activities. Companies are forced to open up new markets and serving them profitably, while tackling the growing problem of counterfeit and fake products.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports clients around the world in establishing flexible IT organisations that provide the necessary efficiency and flexibility for constantly evolving business models. An adaptive and scalable IT governance is key in post-merger integrations (PMI); we support our clients in developing the basic concepts and implement them jointly.



Changing customer needs, new sales channels and markets and particularly technological innovations characterise an environment shaped by high pressure on margins. This creates both opportunities and risks for companies in the retail industry. Feasible solutions need to be implemented in short time frames and yet in line with the long-term overall strategy.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports clients around the world in designing solutions that address the dynamic requirements of customers and markets. An effective analysis and management of customer data and an adaptive multi-channel concept enable efficient management of the operating areas. Sourcing and supply chain strategies will have the necessary long-term orientation.



The telecommunications industry has been marked by intensive development and there’s no slowing it down. As a result of new, innovative technologies and rapidly growing customer needs, new business models are still emerging at an accelerating rate. at the same time, established companies often find themselves at a disadvantage in comparison to new dynamic contenders due to structural differences.

Ginkgo Management Consulting enables its clients to define a flexible and lean IT architecture that optimally supports changes in business models and ensures the necessary IT governance. With our tried and tested best practice approaches, we ensure efficient and targeted implementation in the area of innovation management.


Transport and Logistics

The transport industry is profiting from globalisation and technical innovation in planning, monitoring and operational system. At the same time, sophisticated customer requirements can only be satisfied with the aid of complex information systems. Thus the logistics industry is extremely dependent on the fluctuations of an increasingly volatile global economy.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in defining and implementing a targeted business and IT strategy and enables optimisation of the services offered and operational processes along the entire value chain. We identify innovative technologies and analyse optimisation potential for collaboration and management of service partners and subcontractors.

Utility & Power

Existing business models in the energy generation segment are being challenged. Changes at the political, technological and societal levels lead to transformed energy production, energy supply and consumption, spawning new business models. Established companies are confronted with new market actors and change to their traditional structures and processes.

Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in the necessary flexibilisation of the existing structures and the adaptation of IT strategy to changed business models. In optimising operational excellence, we analyse and identify sourcing potential, thus strengthening the focus on core areas.