(IT) Strategy

A company’s success depends not only on the proper definition of the company strategy, but first and foremost on its adequate implementation. The correct translation of the business strategy into the IT strategy plays an ever more important role these days; the fine-tuned interplay between them is becoming an important differentiator from competitors. Ginkgo Management Consulting accompanies its clients from IT strategy definition to IT strategy implementation, thus helping lay the foundation for company success.


IT Innovation

For quite some time now, IT has been not merely a supplier, dealing with ad-hoc requests from the business, but rather an equal business partner contributing to a company’s success. This no longer occurs solely by cutting costs in the IT department, but increasingly by introducing new technologies that make business processes more effective and efficient. Ginkgo Management Consulting accompanies its clients in identifying new business ideas and areas driven by IT innovations, including digitalisation and IT-supported integration of company processes.

M&A and Post Merger Integration

In markets where competition is intense, a merger between two companies is a popular strategy for growth, either through consolidation or unilateral acquisition. In the process, it is of the utmost importance to conduct a fundamental analysis of the feasibility and effort required for both specialist departments and the IT areas and systems. After consolidating the companies, the IT processes and systems themselves must be consolidated and harmonised. Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in M&A and PMI situations along the entire process chain.

Concept Development

Projects dealing with new topics, untested approaches or high-risk undertakings lend themselves to conducting evaluation and preliminary projects. Thanks to our wide-ranging professional experience and deep understanding of IT topics, Ginkgo Management Consulting offers content-related support in the implementation and assessment of conceptual and preliminary projects. These are often preliminary stages to larger implementation or transformation projects. The services comprise requirements analyses, feasibility studies, business case calculation and quality tests.

IT Governance

Establishing efficient IT governance is an essential element for IT organisations to be successful. It enables targeted management of activities, while at the same time monitoring compliance with guidelines and regulations. To this end, IT governance must continue to develop; this is how it can flexibly adapt to changes in business objectives and overall conditions. Together with our clients, Ginkgo Management Consulting successfully develops and optimises IT governance models tailored to the respective requirements from business and IT.

Service Processes

Modern IT organisations position themselves as service-oriented both internally and towards divisions across the company. Clear service descriptions and defined quality parameters enable service provision that can be planned, creating the foundation for additional increases in efficiency. At the same time, these basic building blocks provide an ideal starting point to examine sourcing options. As a service specialist, Ginkgo Management Consulting helps its clients in planning and launching service-based operating models and their strategic, organisational and operational design.

Sourcing and Provider Management

For an IT organisation to deliver services at the best cost/benefit ratio, it is possible to purchase services externally. In order that this undertaking accord with the company strategy, it is essential that a company know how services can and should be outsourced. Jointly with its clients, Ginkgo Management Consulting develops the optimal sourcing strategy, selects partners after a thorough analysis, and monitors and assesses the services during and after their introduction. Ginkgo Management Consulting is independent and can accompany tenders for IT products or services, from requirements analysis to negotiating and concluding contracts.

Interim Management

Particularly in times of turmoil, it can be appropriate or even necessary for companies to fill positions that are critical for success with temporary interim managers. Here, the focus is particularly on facilitating increased flexibility and contributing external expertise and experience. Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients by providing qualified and competent interim managers who ensure profit responsibility with confidentiality, professionalism and strong communication skills.

Project and Program Management

As a consultancy that operates internationally, Ginkgo Management Consulting plans and manages complex projects and programs around the world. Their thematic content is as varied as our clients – from coordinating preliminary studies to turnaround management to the international management of programs and large-scale projects across different divisions and locations. In the process it is important to us that we apply an individual approach depending on the situation, one that optimally reflects specific client requirements while applying established best practice methods. Besides customer-specific methods, our consultants are often certified in methods that are industry standard (e.g., Prince 2, PMP).


It is absolutely essential to continuously monitor and realign a company’s organisation in its dynamic environment. Changes in business processes result in adjustments in both specific departments and the IT department. It is important that the changes be aligned to the company strategy and actively accompanied by change management. Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in restructuring by analysing the existing and future tasks, defining and assessing restructuring measures and transferring them into executable planning. In addition, Ginkgo Management Consulting accompanies its clients during restructuring, enabling early identification and fixing complications that may occur during implementation.


Assessments and Audits

Companies often lack the impartial view from the outside needed to take decisions or independently evaluate shortcomings. An expert opinion is useful to ensure that planned objectives are optimally aligned to business objectives and the company’s long-term interests, particularly for major changes in IT strategy, IT architecture or the IT landscape. Ginkgo Management Consulting offers IT assessments and audits for all areas of IT, from processes to architecture to strategy.

Change Management

“Nothing is as constant as change”. Heraclitus of Ephesus, 540-480 BC

This truth particularly applies in a highly technologized environment. Both the business segment a company operates in and its IT are characterised by constant movement. The faster a company can react to changes, the more competitive it is. Ginkgo Management Consulting supports its clients in accompanying changes for employees, clients and business partners with the right communication strategies. These minimise resistance and successfully establish new processes, structures or IT systems in the company.